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As a result of the computer age, we may be able to file and complete your entire divorce without meeting face to face or ever going to Court. If:

1.      you have little or no marital property;
2.      you have no children of the marriage;
3.      you and your spouse cooperate and prepare a Financial Declaration Form;
4.      you and your spouse are in complete agreement as to how any property and/or
              debts are to be split; and
5.      there are no other disputes or disagreements of any kind,
we would be able to prepare and file all necessary documentation for somewhere between $495.00 and $695.00 plus the court's $100.00 filing fee. If you are interested, E-MAIL us or CALL our office for more information.

Even if you have children, if both of you are in complete agreement as to what your respective incomes are, who will have custody, what child support is to be paid, and what visitation the non-custodial parent will have, our fees will probably not differ much from the one quoted above.


we can only represent ONE party in a divorce. We can only look out for the best interests of the individual that retains our office to represent them.

The other party in any family law situation will need to decide if they wish to hire their own attorney or if they wish to proceed without an attorney. We encourage ALL parties in a divorce to consult with an attorney before they sign any documents that relate to their custody, support, property, or visitation rights.

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