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    Gary, Indiana

Date of Birth:

    July 23, 1959

High Schools:     Kennedy-King Middle and
    William A. Wirt High School
    Gary, Indiana
    7th Grade through Freshman Year

    Boone Grove High School
    Valparaiso, Indiana
    Class of 1977

College:     Indiana University
    Bloomington, Indiana
    B.A. in Criminal Justice, May, 1981

Law School:     Indiana University School of Law
    Indianapolis, Indiana
    J.D. May, 1984

Licensed in Indiana since:     July 5, 1984

I have been a lawyer in the Lake and Porter County, Indiana areas since September of 1984, over 12 years. Though I have a general law practice, it is concentrated in family law, criminal defense, traffic law, and personal injury.

I was a felony public defender in the Lake Superior Courts, Criminal Division, for two years, during which time I tried twenty-five felony trials, including four murders. I was also formerly the attorney for the Lake County Convention and Visitor's Bureau, the Lake County Medical Center Development Agency, and the Lake County Economic Development Authority.

I spend a great deal of time in the Lake Circuit and Superior Courts, but also have practiced in the Porter, Jasper, Newton, and LaPorte County Courts.
I do my best to answer my telephone personally and I try to answer any Indiana legal question which you may have. Please feel free to telephone me or e-mail my office for more information. If I can't answer your question I will refer you to someone who can.
I encourage my clients to be directly involved in their own preparation, research, service of documents, and Court work. This saves money and encourages a better working relationship between client and lawyer.

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